TV shows I've been into lately - March 2017

Because apparently TV is the only thing I liked this month. I guess I will be changing to a rolling list for April.
  1. Great Pottery Throw Down & Big Painting Challenge
    Both finished now and stayed brilliant. Throw Down really went for it this year - in the semi final they each had to make a full size working toilet and one of them was in the shape of a turtle! The 1 minute teapots and pit firing camping trip were highlights too.
  2. 11.22.63
    I watched this in February but I forgot to mention it and that would be a shame as I loved it quite a lot, especially the title sequences. I hear the book is quite different so that's on my list for some day.
  3. The Mindy Project
    I feel like if this had been any other person's show I would have ditched it by now for the constant plot and actor changes but it's Mindy and she makes me willing to forgive anything. As long as it stays this funny and has reasonable amounts of Jeremy, Peter & Tamra I'll be sticking around (2 years behind thanks to no Hulu in the UK).
  4. Travel Man
    The last batch were a bit of a letdown but it's back to being hilarious. I wouldn't have expected Richard Ayoade and Lena Dunham to get on particularly well but their episode was perfection and I really hope they work together again.
  5. The Americans
    I will never understand why this isn't as popular as, say, Mad Men or Breaking Bad. This season is super tense and absorbing even though one of the main story threads is about grain production.