In honour of moving them all into their own cupboard shelf today. Ranked by how often I use them.
  1. Millicano Wholebean Instant Caff-Free
    I had to give up caffeine about 8 years ago and I'm still not over it. This is the best instant I've found.
  2. Tetley Decaf
    Decaf tea tastes the same to me, thankfully.
  3. Pukka Three Mint
    A bit fancier than peppermint
  4. Tetley Green Tea Decaf
    Pretty decent lazy option
  5. M&S House Decaf one cup filters
    I assume these are appallingly bad for the environment so I don't buy them often but it's the closest thing I've found to proper coffee at home.
  6. Loose sencha
    Worth the extra effort. Green tea has caffeine but doesn't affect me the same. I don't make the rules.
  7. Carte Noire instant coffee
    My dad bought this. I sometimes have a small cup if I'm really tired or headachey.
  8. Green Tea with Mint
    Haven't had this recently
  9. Basic Green Tea
    I bought a box to drink in Japan and brought the rest home.
  10. Standard Tetley tea bags
    For visitors
  11. Brodie's Green Tea with Japanese Cherry