Not really over the demise of Friendster yet either tbh
  1. Flickr
    I've been uploading photos to my account every week since I got my first digital camera in 2005. My entire life is on here and I live in constant fear that Yahoo will just kill it. This is one of my earliest digital photos: the seagull that used to TAP ON MY BEDROOM WINDOW and then stare at me 😖
    It tracks your listening over all devices and gives you cool charts and stuff. I don't check it much anymore but a lot of my friends still use it too and it's fun to have such a ridiculously long catalogue of my listening habits (again, since 2005).
  3. Lovefilm
    I've been renting DVDs through the mail for so long that the service started as Amazon rental, was bought up by Lovefilm and then bought back by Amazon. It's better value than Netflix for me and one of the only ways I can watch a lot of US shows. Look, I am finally getting to see S4 of The Mindy Project!