Okay, I'll play. Inspired by @solena @veshecco @jenna
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    Leaving school at 16
    This didn't feel like a big deal at the time but in retrospect it was huge. I was already done with being forced to waste my time on things I have no interest in. I went to study art instead and never looked back.
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    Ending up in the hospital
    I'm one of those people who's never really ill but a few years ago I felt so awful I had to go to A&E (ER) and they made me stay in for tests. I got an entire TV season's worth of hospital experiences in 24 hours and hated every second of it. Thankfully there was nothing major wrong with me but I only got better once I started eating regular meals and taking proper breaks. I learned that being a workaholic isn't something to brag about and that I never want to end up in hospital again.
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    Discovering zines
    It's hard to imagine how my life would have turned out without zines. They introduced me to feminism, politics, the DIY spirit and the vast majority of my friends. The things I learned from zine culture still influence my life and decisions every day. One day I will list about my collection which is enormous.
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    Moving to the seaside
    I grew up in a little seaside town and was always desperate to escape. Once I did I vowed I would always live in a city. Until 3 years ago when I decided I didn't care about any of these city things any more and moved to a slightly bigger seaside town that I'd never visited before. Now I have a lovely big flat all to myself, almost everything I need is within walking distance and I've never been happier 😊
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    Quitting my day job
    I did try to stay on a career path and got myself promoted to corporate designer but ultimately I am a terrible employee. I quit my job without much of a plan, or savings, but luckily it all worked out and I've been self-supporting ever since (10 years!). My best friend from art school pointed out that I've managed to make a living out of all the things my tutors used to give me grief about so the lesson here is trust your instincts and ignore people who think your dreams are impossible!