It was like properly hot and not just Scotland hot.
  1. Woke up at 4:15am and actually thought it might be time to get up as it was already sunny.
    Luckily I went straight back to sleep
  2. Took more photos of my new brooches and the necklace option
    I missed out the same character in two different angles yesterday and now it's going to think I hate it.
  3. Set up my sale
    Cheap things!
  4. Tried to work but it was too hot
    I did get all the photos edited - no spoilers! - but laptops are badly designed for warm weather
  5. Got distracted applying sun block and had to run for the train 😓
    I got on it with one minute to spare!
  6. Bought some trousers without trying them on because they were 35% off today and the fitting room queue was too long (and almost all men, to break that stereotype)
    I have now tried them on and they fit perfectly!
  7. Had a look around Paperchase
    It was very tropical. Spot the watermelon maracas 🙄 I just got a birthday card for my granny - she'll be 91 next week ❤️
  8. Bought strawberry pot holders in Tiger 🍓🍓
    I have a bit of a fruit theme in my kitchen - should I list about it?
  9. Almost bought some books but resisted
    Which obviously means I can now buy some ebooks, guilt-free
  10. Ate a sandwich outside the Glasgow Film Theatre
    Look at that sky!
  11. Went in and saw The Red Turtle
    It was so beautiful! You could pick almost any frame and put it on your wall. There's no dialogue and the whole room was silently enthralled. Go see!
  12. I was going to add a gif of the crabs who completely stole the movie but I can't find any! Have a red turtle instead.
  13. Got some shopping at M&S
    But had to ignore all the cakes as they'd melt on the train ☹️
  14. Sat on a boiling hot train for 50 minutes
  15. Got home to my package from Amazon Japan!
    It's full of cute things but I haven't taken photos yet.
  16. Now I'm getting back to my Good Wife marathon
    I have 3 days to finish the series before my Netflix expires. Only 9 episodes to go...