What I loved about Iona

I was only there two days but I definitely understand why people keep going back.
  1. Working in a camper van mobile office with my clients/friends
    They run this marvellous gift shop. It's tiny so we worked in the van outside which turned out to be both comfortable and brilliant. We got so much done. We also caused a sensation - it felt like every person in the village came to have a look.
  2. Waking up to this view
    The hotel didn't even have television because why would you need one?
  3. Iona Abbey
    Worth getting up early for
  4. Iona Abbey, cont.
    I wish I had more time but I wasn't there to sightsee
  5. The food
    Everything was so simple and good. Even the hotel food was all homegrown and organic. I also had lamb from the next field and a freshly caught gigantic lobster cooked by my friends.
  6. The ferry obsession
    Everyone is dependent on the ferry so whether it's running is a major conversation topic. It was cancelled a lot while I was there so I had to be prepped to leave at any time in case the weather worsened and trapped me there for days.
  7. The self-sufficiency
    The island gets cut off a lot when the sea is too rough for the ferry crossing so everyone keeps chickens and grows vegetables and I can't even imagine living like this.
  8. Spending time with beautiful handmade local products
    So many colours and patterns! It makes a web designer's job easy.
  9. This postbox
    It's been there since Queen Victoria's reign 👑
  10. I hope I can go back sometime!