Inspired by @amieshmamie and everyone
  1. Sulking on the sofa because I still have a disgusting cold
  2. Looking out the window at how nice it is outside and how that's typical as it's been raining nonstop for weeks
  3. Rewatching Parks and Recreation
    I joined Amazon Prime just for this. Luckily they gave me another free trial.
  4. Trying to work on an important project
    It's going very slowly, thanks to my mushy brain.
  5. Looking at my family's photos on Instagram
    I should be with them this weekend but I couldn't handle the journey
  6. Wondering why I didn't get any mail today when I am expecting things
  7. Thinking I better go and put the chilli I made for dinner into the fridge
  8. Maybe I have ice cream in the freezer? I should look.
  9. Update: I only have strawberry left over from variety packs. That's worse than no ice cream.