What I've been doing while I get over this cold

I am the world's grumpiest person when ill and need constant distraction.
  1. Reorganising my bookshelves
    I only got rid of 14 books but everything fits much better now. Origami Li.stbot seems to like it too.
  2. Watching S3 & S4 of Brooklyn Nine Nine simultaneously
    Netflix kindly added S3 mere days before S4 started airing live. I've already seen S3 but still, it's very confusing.
  3. Submitting my tax return
    This was a stupid idea but the deadline is coming up and hopefully I didn't make any mistakes 🙃
  4. Moving three websites to my new mega consolidated web hosting
    Mostly just tedious with a side of total panic whenever I thought I'd broken something important.
  5. Playing that solitaire app I was obsessed with 8 years ago and never deleted
  6. Testing out my new comforter as much as possible