What I've been drawing on my customers' order forms recently

I do this partly for my own amusement and partly so people remember I'm one nice friendly person running a tiny business and don't shout at me if I make a mistake with their order.
  1. Ghost
  2. Apple
  3. Planet
  4. Mt Fuji
  5. Sometimes I get requests that I attempt to fulfill
  6. A ghost with an umbrella
  7. Two bunnies named Vern and Puddin
    I asked to see a photo in return but no response yet 😭
  8. A penguin
  9. A hamster
  10. The worst request was 'a kawaii artichoke'
    I tried twice and they were both pretty terrible. Happily not documented.
  11. Feel free to request something if you order from me!
    There's a special li.st discount code over here: My little business is 9 years old! 🎉