What I've been up to lately, in photos

Apologies to my Instagram followers but some are new!
  1. Making loads and loads of ghost brooches
  2. Drawing customer requests
    A ghost with an umbrella
  3. Trying out some KonMari
    I doubt she'd be impressed that I need a whole drawer for stickers but my studio is much better organised. I also did my socks and trousers by the book and it is actually pretty amazing.
  4. Reviewing a lot of stuff
  5. Enjoying the nice weather
    It hasn't rained for like a week!
  6. Buying too many enamel pins
    But but trash squirrel!
  7. Mostly avoiding jury duty
    And instead having a nice morning out reading and doing some Halloween shopping.
  8. Picking the last tomato
  9. Prepping lots of products for wholesale orders.
  10. Catching Mr Mime
    UGH, thanks for giving us the worst ever Pokémon as a European exclusive.
  11. Designing for 2017
    So many different calendars and diaries to design and update