I rent a flat in a typical Scottish tenement that was built in 1905. (Yes I forgot to publish this last year and maybe it's 112 now but that's not as cool - blame the update that made it hard to find my drafts)
  1. I know this because the date is carved into the building!
    This is from Google before I lived there in case you're trying to guess my flat from what's in the windows.
  3. It has cool old features
    Like these Art Deco tiles in the stairwell
  4. There's so much light
    With huge windows and high ceilings.
  5. It has really fun features
    Built in shelves! Nooks! Bay windows! Cupboards everywhere! A fireplace!
  6. I have a porch
    So fancy. I really enjoy unlocking the front door every morning plus delivery guys will leave parcels in there.
  7. It's quiet
    Those Edwardians knew how to build a good house. My previous flat was built in 1980 and I spent 7 years wanting to murder my neighbours.
  8. THE BAD
  9. It's incredibly cold
    As a miser/starving artist I can't afford to have the heating on much but the giant rooms and high ceilings make it freezing from October-March.
  10. I share space with a lot of insects
    I actually like spiders but even I have to clear them out occasionally or I'd be overrun. I have also perfected my mosquito killing instincts after the summer of endless bites.
  11. It can be creepy
    Luckily I have never been into horror movies. Sometimes the bathroom door opens creakily by itself, there are some fantastically scary looking trees in the garden and a noisy owl that I have come to love. It has excellent comic timing.
  12. The letterbox is hilariously tiny
    Perfect for olde tyme postcards and telegrams but not modern mail. I have on occasion heard the postman attempting to cram through larger items and dramatically opened the door. Mostly he now drops it in my porch and bangs the door.
  13. As a short person, maintenance can be tough
    I'm 5'4. The ceilings are about 10' high. To change a lightbulb I have to balance a stepladder on top of a table and can still only just reach. I'm still wondering how to clean the floor to ceiling tiles in the bathroom without drenching myself.
  14. Old stuff is not always cool
    My bathroom pipes are coated with 100 years of slime. I have to clean them out regularly or else I'll be showering standing in 4" of water.
  15. Every time a tradesman comes round I get stuck in a verging on mansplaining conversation
    Me: oh yeah, it does do that weird thing. I don't know why. Tradesman: LET ME TELL YOU nb. sometimes this is actually interesting.
  16. Overall I love my home ❤ I just wish it was warmer