I needed rice and then if you have to pay the courier charge you may as well make it worth while.
  1. Big bag of rice
    From Akita prefecture. I've never been there - I chose pretty randomly.
  2. Fresh karepan!
    I did not know you could get karepan in the mail. It's curry inside deep fried bread. I had this one for lunch and it wasn't as good as the ones I ate in Japan last year so I will have to keep looking (or go back to Japan soon)
  3. Chocolate shokopan
    Giant soft bread swirled with chocolate
  4. Instant curry udon
    Curry udon is not difficult to make but it was on offer and I was intrigued. Will be handy for lazy days.
  5. Yokai Watch snacks
    Because cute and also soy sauce flavour snacks are hard to find up here.
  6. Black Thunder bars
    Classic. Also 50p because they go out of date soon.
  7. Super sensible shopping there
    www.japancentre.com if you want to shop too, though they only ship to UK/EU