I was starting to worry customs had thrown it in the sea.
  1. A big box! From the USA
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  2. Containing another box! A big red bow is always a good sign. 🎁
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  3. Cute wrapping paper ❤️
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  4. A lovely hand written card. All my gifts are from South Carolina.
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    I've never been to the US so nice to get a little piece of your home.
  5. I managed to find you on my Railroads of the Continental United States map!
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  6. A book of local writers
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    Such a cool idea.
  7. Ginger Lemonade jam!
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    I love lemonade so I'm very intrigued.
  8. A cute DIY plush kit
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    I will have to think of something fun to draw on it.
  9. Thank you so much @sammyrain ❤️💚
    Managed to find you in my followers - off to follow you back now!
  10. Shout out to Head Santa @ChrisK