Would you like to see the Christmas window display I made?

I hope so!
  1. This is Penny Black, a post office, gift shop and cafe in Glasgow run by friends of mine
    I designed their logo and that signage - it's still super cool seeing it in real life
  2. They asked me to do their Christmas window display this year and obviously I said yes
    I sent over this quick mockup
  3. And then other stuff happened and I ended up doing it all last weekend!
  4. Each character was made from pieces of card glued together
    Some cut by hand and others with my paper cutting machine
  5. I love my paper cutting machine
    Rows of smiles 🙂
  6. Giant gingerbread cookies!
    They're A3
  7. There's a girl cookie too
  8. I made envelopes and even made the stamps
    That's Santa's official address for UK kids to write to. Reindeerland?! Come on Royal Mail 🙄
  9. The stamps are my favourite bit!
  10. Because of the lack of time, I changed the plan a bit
    Christmas pudding replaced coffee
  11. The present became a gift bag
    Because I placed the bow and face like this and couldn't stop laughing (I was basically delirious at this point)
  12. Installing them was quite a feat
    I managed to do the smaller branch myself
  13. Yay!
    This is at Charing Cross
  14. I had to go back last night to install at the main branch and three of us got it done
    Ready to hang
  15. All done!
    Spooky night time pics. I'll be back in daylight at some point.
  16. So exciting! If you happen to be in Glasgow before Christmas, go and have a look!