Inspired by @solena @veshecco and everyone else.
  1. You still don't really know how to explain what you do for a living
  2. You write and make art almost every single day but find it hard to describe yourself as a writer or an artist.
  3. You feel like you should be more ambitious but then life would be more complicated
  4. You think that if you tell people about something exciting that isn't 100% definite then you'll jinx it and it won't happen.
  5. The question you most often ask yourself is 'what day is it?'
  6. You like to plan out your whole day before you get up in the morning
  7. You don't like to wear your nice clothes because you work from home and it seems a waste.
  8. You can never remember how old you are and have to work it out
  9. You have a specific seat on the train and bus and get irrationally annoyed when someone else is sitting in it
  10. You find that anticipation is usually better than the reality.
  11. You're loyal almost to the point of stupidity
  12. You thought you would always live in a city but you're much happier now you've left and hardly ever go back
  13. You've never wanted children and don't understand why people still think this is A Bit Odd in 2017
  14. You only go to seated events now because you're too short to see anything and too old to fight for a good spot.
  15. You don't like streaming music or movies and still buy vinyl records and rent DVDs through the mail
  16. You enjoy the side quests in video games much more than the main storyline.
  17. You never used emojis before you joined and now you can hardly even write an Instagram caption without one 🙄
  18. You never know when to finish a list.