Slash bucket list. I complied this list at 3am one night and now I can share it with you!
  1. Jet water ski
    I just want to *imitates a jet ski hopping on water* !!
  2. Kayak w someone
    Such a simple thing I could do but it never comes up.
  3. Meet the Muppets
    A serious item in my bucket list. It would be epic.
  4. Make my own embroidered patch
    I always wanted to make a crazy patched jean jacket. I'm young!! I can pull it off!!
  5. Create my own font
    I heart typography.
  6. Road trip across the USA
    I already have the road trip mix ready to go.
  7. Ice skate to "Rhapsody in Blue"
    Whenever I hear it I want to ice skate. It would be a cinematic moment.
  8. Post a singing video confidently
    You would think after being in a voice recital + two musicals + taking voice lessons for more than 6 months would bring up the confidence.
  9. Learn calligraphy
  10. Create a children's book.
    Please note I said create and not publish.
  11. Parallel park without fear
    I cannot do it man. But I will have to one day.
  12. Buy one designer item
    I'm total thrift store & clearance rack girl. I would never pay that much for a freakin' scarf. If I had cash to blow though: Valentino's Cosmos collection. HEART EYES.
  13. Stand in the middle of Times Square
    and just.. take it all in.
  14. Get a tattoo
    One day. I have it designed and everything.
  15. Attend & Participate in Dapper Day @ Disneyland
  16. Sing karaoke in public
    Ha! This will happen when I'm very drunk huzzah
  17. Celebrate New Years with people
    This sounds so sad LOL. I'm just always with my sleeping family.
  18. Do a badass cartwheel
    It'll be amazing and not jelly-like.
  19. Attend Broadway Flea Market
    All my money will fly away that day. So bad.
  20. Walk inside Pixar Studios
    I'll say right now that I will cry.
  21. Adopt an animal in a kill shelter
    When I have my own place that's okay with pets.. this will be one of my first things to do.
  22. See Phantom of the Opera in person
    If a man takes me, I'll marry him. It's a continuous family love story.