I can't promise that this will be the last list I post about Bruno Marchon, he truly is a comedy inspiration.
  1. It's normal to cut class in American high schools - and the calls home are courtesy, not disciplinary.
  2. That I was one of the few people in Hannah Montana's inner circle who knew she was actually Miley Stewart.
  3. That he had fathered another child out of wedlock.
    My 23 And Me account was briefly listed under a false name.
  4. Rainbow/fishbowl parties are a real thing that every good American parent should be concerned about.
  5. Courtney Cox and Matthew Perry are married in real life too.
  6. Bonus, here is a photo of my father arguing with the people at the Verizon store
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    Bruno single handedly popularized the Jacket Over the Shoulder look this spring. The iconic fashion is one of the many looks in his "Sunday Errands at Home Depot and Walmart" series.