1. "When was AIDS transmitted from chimpanzees to humans, and where?"
    The 1930s and in West Africa.
  2. The song Hey Jude is playing and Bruno asks my friend, "Do you know who plays this song?"
    The Beatles.
  3. I've been blindfolded and my father just conducted a blind taste test of m&m's. "Which m&m was blue and which m&m was red?"
    The first m&m was blue and the second m&m was red.
  4. "How many people died in the Irish potato famine?"
    1 million.
  5. Dad just watched his favorite movie "The Doors," again. At the beginning of the movie, a child recites poetry in front of a class. "Do you know what poem the child was reciting?"
    Trick question, it was not a poem but was lyrics to one of Jim Morrison's famous songs.
  6. "How did Bob Marley die?"
    Cancer originating in his toe. After telling me the answer he give me a spirited pep talk. Bruno told me that if something so seemingly innocent and small could be so morbid, the only thing you should be concerned about in life is loving everyone around you.