Reppin' a 2.7 GPA from the prestigious Palo Alto Senior High School.
  1. "Yeah, I would definitely say you are of average intelligence,"
    said the self-assigned group project leader, in an effort to instill confidence in her subordinates.
  2. When asking the teacher why there was a question on the math test which required knowledge of a theorem we hadn't learned yet;
    "Well I have to separate the A students from the B students."
  3. While working a concession stand at a Stanford football game and I struggled to count change.
    "You definitely don't go to Stanford, do you," one alum said as I handed him his nachos. (In my defense, people payed in $50s and a variety of coins, for $7 snacks.)
  4. During an SAT summer course, when I refused to listen to the UCLA frat bro who taught the class.
    "Have you ever been tested for ADHD, because you're really annoying." His yelp review was not positive.
  5. "But you're really good at drawing,"
    claimed one concerned student after I failed a physics exam.
  6. When I kept saying Ancient Macadamia instead of Ancient Macedonia, and my dyslexic slip up triggered the entire class to start doing so too.
    "Claire!!! Someone in my other period even started saying Macadamia! Maybe you need to stop reading out loud."