I only saw 10 movies that came out last year, which makes for a perfect top 10 list! This is one of the only years I really did like everything I saw, so it was harder to rank than when there are clunkers. Here goes...
  1. Room
    The emotion. The anxiety. The little boy! I'm just mad the trailer gave everything away ahead of time.
  2. Inside Out
    Ok, I admit I thought this was just a kids' movie when I saw it. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized just how genius it really is.
  3. Amy
    Such a tragic story that I was equally fascinated with when she was alive. I'm also a sucker for music docs, and this was very well done.
  4. Dope
    Best style, best music, and I loved the mix of comedy and drama in the story. A++++
  5. Mad max
    Visually stunning but lacked a real plot. The energy and some good underlying messages (feminism, climate change) made up for it.
  6. Beasts of no nation
    Sad and depressing, but Netflix really impressed with this one. The young actors (& idris elba) were masterful.
  7. While we're young
    This one hit a little close to home. Which both irritated me and had me in stitches. Overall fun flick.
  8. Trainwreck
    Amy schumer is my hero. Bill hader is adorable. I thought this was hilarious and cute and all that, but a little too predictable?
  9. Wolfpack
    Knowing the filmmaker from way back, I had really high expectations. Maybe too high? And while I thought it was a very well-made doc on a fascinating topic, I think the other films of the year just had an edge. Still- great job Crystal!
  10. Spy
    Saw this on a plane with all the curses taken out, so this isn't all that fair. Ridiculous and funny, it's one of those movies you'll watch whenever it's on tv. Hopefully with profanity.