2016: A Photo For Each Month

Inspired by errybody.
  1. January
    Threw a bridal shower for my bff and decorated with spray-painted toy animals.
  2. February
    Dressed my model baby nephew up in my 1980s baby bonnet.
  3. March
    Had floor seats at a Jazz game with my brother that were way too fancy for my level of interest in basketball. (Worth $1,250)
  4. April
    Went hiking. It was sunny.
  5. May
    Found beauty in a hail storm that tore apart my tree and came into my house through the chimney.
  6. June
    Went to Italy and Slovenia with my bff and her husband and their newborn baby. Weird choice, great trip.
  7. July
    Saw Weezer. Turned 30. Had multiple breakdowns.
  8. August
    Went camping in a super ghetto site, but at least it had a nice view.
  9. September
    Took this selfie at a fancy gala and liked it.
  10. October
    Went to Paris with my parents and it was awesome. We already started planning our next trip before this one was over.
  11. November
    Painted my guest bedroom orange and my hallway closet doors purple (inspired by all the dark purple walls in France).
  12. December
    Took my 4-year old nephew to play in his first basketball game and laughed the entire time. Then took him to his family's live nativity where he made a pretty awesome shepherd.