27 Ornaments on My Tree

My mom has given me an ornament every year of my life, plus I buy my own. So it's safe to say I have a lot and none of them match. I like it that way.
  1. I have multiple "first Christmas" ornaments. She may have been a little excited.
  2. Obviously homemade by me. Preschool?
  3. My grandma had these made for each grandchild and I didn't know about it until she died. They're each a tiny bit different and have our names engraved.
  4. A double-decker from our time in London.
  5. Neuschwanstein Castle
  6. The traditional pickle from Germany.
  7. Germany.
  8. From the first summer I worked as a teamster in Jackson Hole.
  9. From the second summer I worked as a teamster in Jackson Hole.
  10. A kiwi from New Zealand.
  11. From a trip to Universal Studios, Orlando. I wanted a Harry Potter one but they didn't exist.
  12. A chandelier.
  13. This gnome kills me every time.
  14. Made by my niece. 2014
  15. Made by mom sometime in the 1980s.
  16. From the year I had a mouse problem in my house...
    Soooo funny, mom.
  17. From the big stuffed animal hunt of 2015.
  18. From England.
  19. Poor one-eyed Panda from China.
  20. From my pen-pal in Germany in 4th grade.
  21. England.
  22. 1987
  23. A happy s'more.
  24. From the Rockettes show during a 2010 trip to NYC.
  25. From this summer's trip to Slovenia.
  26. Plus a million more.
  27. This year's. Bought in Sainte Chapelle in Paris.