I have strong feelings about Halloween.
  1. Easter
    Hands down. Cadbury mini eggs, Cadbury cream eggs, Starburst jelly beans, those blue caramel eggs. It just doesn't get better.
  2. Christmas
    Mostly for chocolate oranges. And because now you can get green and white Cadbury mini eggs. And gingerbread houses are the best!
  3. My birthday
    Because I'm an adult now and I can buy whatever I want. But there aren't any Cadbury mini eggs in July, so it still can't win.
  4. 4th of July
    Okay maybe this isn't true. I just remember having delicious blue and red sour licorice one Independence Day and it's really stuck with me.
  5. Valentine's Day
    Cinnamon things, Gobstopper hearts, meh chocolates. Some redeeming qualities but not a true competitor.
  6. Halloween
    The whole point of this list is to talk about my hatred of Halloween being so pompous. Halloween is always like, "Best Candy Holiday evs!" Wrong. Halloween is just normal candy made smaller. Halloween is just cheap chocolate + gross candy given by old people. The only uniquely Halloween candy is candy corn and most people don't even like that. Let's start a revolution and declare Halloween the worst!