Best Pepe the King Prawn Quotes From "It's a Very Merry Christmas Muppets Movie"

A very strange movie but I love it for highlighting one of my favorite muppets. Weirdest Plot Lines From "It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie"
  1. I got good news! I got the fire permit, the health permit, the permit to open a topless nightclub...
    ...better safe than sorry, okay?
  2. Don't get me steamed, okay?
    Statler: "Steamed shrimp!"
  3. I will fill in for Fozzie okay. I'm funny. Wocka Wocka okay?
  4. I like my womens like I like my coffee; a latte!
  5. I've got some good news for everyone, unless you're an evil banker lady, then it sucks, okay?
  6. My heart is hot like a black car left in the sun on a summer's day.
    Best line. No contest.