Books That Have Been on My Goodreads To-read List the Longest

Inspired by @accessorizedlib. I try not to think about the fact that my TBR list is so long it would take me at least 7 years to read everything and I couldn't read anything new or reread anything old or add anything to it. Sigh.
  1. Don Quixote
    Since 2009. I think I even own this one.
  2. Cassettes from My Ex
    I love the idea of a book about mix tapes.
  3. The Diva Code
    I can't imagine this book is good enough to have on my list for 6 years. No matter how much I love the muppets.
  4. East of Eden
    I really need to get around to this one.
  5. Catch-22
    Another unread classic.
  6. The Nanny Diaries
    I don't know if I really care about this one enough.
  7. Dream House
    I love Alice-related things.
  8. Bloodroot
    Has anyone read it?
  9. Waiting for Columbus
    If I judge it by its cover, I don't wanna read it. Too gloomy.
  10. A Gate At the Stairs
    I like that it has orange on the cover. Is that a good enough reason to read a book?
  11. It's weird that I have so many books I remember nothing about on my list.
    Has anyone read these? Should I give them up or for sure try them out?