Cooking in Tuscany

  1. We took a cooking class from our Airbnb host and her friend.
    This is them. Someday I want an apron with me on it.
  2. One would teach while the other did dishes.
  3. They showed us how to make an appetizer, starter, main dish, and dessert.
  4. The main dish was gnocchi and it was time-intensive but fun to make.
  5. Pretty potato pasta pillows.
  6. Then they served us our lunch on a patio under a grape arbor. The vineyard on one side, cherry trees another, and a villa from the 1500s on another.
  7. Appetizer: sausage and cheese crostini.
  8. Starter: gnocchi with pesto.
    I've never been a huge gnocchi fan but this was light and delicious.
  9. Main: beef cigars with endives.
    I got confused on what was the starter and what was the main but this is the order we ate them in.
  10. Dessert: panna cotta.
  11. A perfect meal in a perfect place. Definitely a highlight of the trip.