1. Reading: 84, Charing Cross Road
    5 Stars! I didn't realize they were real letters until the end. I've already added it to my list of books to buy. Just so so delightful.
  2. Watching: New Girl
    I gave up on this show when Nick & Jess got together. My SIL made me get back into it and once I skipped that relationship, I've been loving it again. Winston is one of my favorite characters on television.
  3. Listening: To Music!
    I sometimes get so distracted by podcasts I forget I also really love music. Nothing brings back more memories or changed my moods so quickly.
  4. Deciding: Do I Go To Italy next month?
    I've given myself a deadline of deciding by tonight. Eeeeee!
  5. Anticipating: Planting flowers and then sitting in my deck chair tonight.
  6. Loving: This picture of my friend's baby. It is the best thing of my life.
  7. Eating: Funnel Cake
    Consumed last night at a baseball game. It was the other best thing of my life.