Dean Is the Worst

I'm doing a Gilmore Girls rewatch.
  1. I'm talking season 1 and 2 Dean. I don't even want to TALK about later seasons Dean.
  2. He is SO whiny.
    The way he whines "Rory" when she's doing something he's not on board with will forever ring in my head. He's constantly complaining and he has the whiniest voice. Things MUST to his way or she will hear about it. And don't even THINK about asking him to wear cufflinks!
  3. He has major anger issues.
    His response is always to be mad and breathe through his nose and possibly punch things.
  4. He's super volatile and always on the edge of a fight.
    "I'll kill you Tristan!" He threatens to kill at least two people. He's always threatening to beat Jess up. Red flags, anyone? 🚩🚩🚩
  5. He has no respect for his elders.
    I TOTALLY get why Richard wants to take the car a 16-year old boy built for his granddaughter for a second check at the mechanic. Dean's qualification for building a car? Some of his family have been mechanics. My dad's a principal, but that doesn't mean I can just go run a school.
  6. He has no ambition.
    Look, I get that he's 16. But I would be a little nervous if my granddaughters boyfriend hadn't thought of his future AT ALL. At least make something up, Dean! No one's expecting you to commit to a career right now, but you should probably start thinking about something.
  7. He's really controlling.
    Rory doesn't always put up with it, but if he had his way she would always do what he wanted when he wanted. He's super mad if she doesn't tell him she's staying late at school. He refuses to respect that she wants a night at home alone.
  8. You guys, am I an old person?
    I'm finding myself relating more and more with Emily and Richard and less with Lorelei. I get that Rory and Dean are still kids and aren't committing their lives to each other, but I think there are so many red flags in their relationship that I would want to address.
  9. My new mantra: I will never date someone who voted for Trump or be friends with someone who is Team Dean.
    I'm kind of kidding on the second part. But they'd have to make a really good case.