1. Yesterday I was sitting on my couch thinking of how badly I needed to mow the lawn.
    But instead I was just eating Easter candy.
  2. Two little boys knocked on my door and asked if they could mow for me.
    Fate! ✨
  3. I asked how much, but I knew any price would do.
  4. "$10. And I can come back every week. I can come on Fridays."
  5. How could I say no to such a savvy 10-year old entrepreneur?
  6. So now I have my own human lawn mower! Or as my mom calls him, my "lawn boy".
  7. The older brother mostly stood and watched as his younger brother did all the work.
  8. They did kind of a terrible job.
  9. But my allergies are so bad I have to take a long shower and lay down for an hour and blow my nose after I mow the lawn.
  10. And to be fair, this is my lawn mower. A crappy mower for a crappy job.
  11. I can look past a few missed patches for the luxury of paying someone else to do my menial tasks.
  12. 🍹