How I Spent New Year's Eve

As I've learned from The O.C., the way you spend NYE is indicative of how you'll spend the whole next year. Hopefully my mom won't go to rehab and/or my brother won't be in jail.
  1. Hanging out with my parents
    I am not ashamed. But I should probably figure out something different to do next year.
  2. Reading @list for hours
  3. Pacing my bedroom to finish off my 10,000 steps
    I can't end the year with only 8,300!
  4. Flaking out on plans
    I hate being flakey, but everyone should get a free pass when it's -5 degrees outside.
  5. Exercising
    I both skied and snowshoed today. Which is probably why...
  6. Going to bed early
    Having to stay up until midnight is the worst part of NYE. I'm old!
  7. Looking forward to sleeping, being anti-social, and hanging with the parents even more in 2016!
  8. I ended the year with 9,959 steps. I hope that's not telling...