My parents have been married for 39 years. My mom has often told me the story of their engagement. When I retell it, she says I'm doing it wrong. But I like my version. And I like the attached pictures even if they have nothing to do with the story.
  1. My parents met in a ballroom dance class.
    My mom's cousin took the class with her and my dad was too scared to ask her out because he thought the cousin was her boyfriend.
  2. My dad played basketball in high school and was the team captain.
  3. I'm now realizing I don't know if my mom participated in anything in high school.
    I know she didn't participate in basketball and didn't care all that much about it.
  4. On their first date my dad would stop the car at every stop light and pretend he was crashing through the windshield in slow motion.
    He made "dad jokes" long before becoming a dad.
  5. On the night they got engaged, he took her to her parents' backyard and they sat on a bench overlooking the Salt Lake valley.
  6. "Kris, do you love basketball?"
  7. (Guessing what was happening) "Of course!"
  8. "I you REALLY love basketball?"
  9. "Yes!"
  10. "I mean...would you want to watch basketball for the rest of your life?"
  11. "Yes!"
  12. "Then will you marry me?"
  13. To my mom's credit, she was only lying a little bit and has watched a lot of basketball since.
  14. He's coached, reffed, and played basketball my whole life. Lucky for me, they love each other for other reasons, too.
  15. 🏀❤️