If You Love (or Even Just Like) Dogs

  1. You should read these books
  2. They are delightful, funny, surprising, and just so so good.
  3. I resisted reading them for three years after my mom recommended them.
    Because I love animals, but hate books about them.
  4. Haven't I learned by now that moms know what's up?
  5. They are narrated by one dog (soul?) who lives several lives as different dogs.
  6. There are a lot of exclamation points!
    Especially when he is a puppy.
  7. There is still a lot of dialogue by the humans around him so it reads like a story.
    But he mostly just recognizes when they say his name.
  8. Favorite quote #1:
    "The three dogs in front of me were all females, so I seductively peed on a mound of dirt before joining them to politely sniff at their rear ends."
  9. Favorite quote #2:
    He is often proud of himself for being smarter than the humans. Speaking of weekends: "Some days no one in the house got up for school and I would have to bark to wake them all up! I would hate for them to miss the morning!"
  10. But be warned that I cried multiple times while reading.
    Since he lives many lives, he kind of has to d-i-e.
  11. And it made me miss my own doodle dog, Yaki.
    And wish I had told her she was a good girl more often. Even though she was very resistant to taking this picture with me.