1. Started exercising.
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    As a staunch anti-runner; this is weird to me.
  2. Got eye surgery.
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    Being able to wake up and see is maybe the greatest thing ever.
  3. Gave into podcast advertising.
    Loving my new Casper mattress.
  4. Discovered uber.
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    Then started wearing their hat.
  5. Decided I like hiking?
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    And didn't cry once! My parents will confirm this is a miracle.
  6. Grew cabbage.
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    I was surprised how well it actually grew.
  7. Welcomed a new nephew.
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    So cute AND too little to say snarky things like his older sister yet.
  8. Tried to find a balance between embracing the inevitable and hoping for the impossible.
  9. Saw several lovely plays and decided to seek more out in the future.
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    Matilda, Finding Neverland, Princess Academy, Oklahoma, The Little Mermaid, Over the River and Through the Woods
  10. Dyed my hair for the sole purpose of covering up white.
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    I always thought I was pro-embracing-signs-of-aging, but my vanity is taking over!
  11. Read a book a week.
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  12. Interviewed for a job I really wanted but didn't get...
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    ...and maybe learned a little more about what I do want from life.