In 2015 I...

  1. Started exercising.
    As a staunch anti-runner; this is weird to me.
  2. Got eye surgery.
    Being able to wake up and see is maybe the greatest thing ever.
  3. Gave into podcast advertising.
    Loving my new Casper mattress.
  4. Discovered uber.
    Then started wearing their hat.
  5. Decided I like hiking?
    And didn't cry once! My parents will confirm this is a miracle.
  6. Grew cabbage.
    I was surprised how well it actually grew.
  7. Welcomed a new nephew.
    So cute AND too little to say snarky things like his older sister yet.
  8. Tried to find a balance between embracing the inevitable and hoping for the impossible.
  9. Saw several lovely plays and decided to seek more out in the future.
    Matilda, Finding Neverland, Princess Academy, Oklahoma, The Little Mermaid, Over the River and Through the Woods
  10. Dyed my hair for the sole purpose of covering up white.
    I always thought I was pro-embracing-signs-of-aging, but my vanity is taking over!
  11. Read a book a week.
  12. Interviewed for a job I really wanted but didn't get...
    ...and maybe learned a little more about what I do want from life.