I listened to an episode of the Note to Self podcast where they talked about JOMO. It made me think about my experience since deleting Facebook 7 years ago.
  1. Don't get me wrong, it was hard at first and I relapsed all of the time for the first couple of months.
  2. The FOMO was real. I was sure everyone was talking about and planning things without me.
  3. And the truth is I did (and do) miss out on parties and cool things.
  4. Once my roommates forgot to invite me to a party they were having AT OUR HOUSE.
    It was a little awkward coming home from a movie and my backyard was full of people. My roommates never realized they hadn't told me.
  5. But my true friends have found other ways to reach out to me. You know...like the phone or email.
    Like my good friend from high school who has four small children and still texts me every couple of months to check in.
  6. And even though I still have Instagram and Twitter, I find myself liking my friends more when I don't have to see their feeds.
    I have a few friends who are terrible at social media and think we need to see every detail of their lives. I started resenting those people and that is silly. I love those people, I just don't like them on Facebook.
  7. And I feel less concerned about what's going on in my own life with fewer opportunities to compare myself to others.
    It's easy to forget that having children, traveling the world, and/or having Pinterest-worthy parties don't actually define a person's worth.
  8. And it's slightly harder now to stalk my exes.
  9. And I still waste plenty of time scrolling through Bachelor contestants' accounts on Instagram.
    I don't even have time for Facebook!