Unprompted by anyone or anything. We were just eating Marshmallow Mateys.
  1. I think my family is going to vote for Hillary.
  2. You know why?
  3. Because we don't need a wall.
  4. The other guy wants to build a wall.
  5. If he's trying to keep bad guys out, a wall won't help.
  6. They'll just climb over it.
  7. Or they'll steal a plane and fly over it. Or a helicopter!
  8. And if Hillary wins, she'd be the first woman president and that's pretty cool.
  9. Then her husband could be in second place!
  10. But I'm going to miss Obama. I think he was a pretty good president.
  11. Her parents aren't super political and said they don't even remember saying things like this around her. So if a 6-year old gets it, why doesn't everyone else?