Sometimes I get a little panicky when my queue gets too long and yet I keep adding more... This is not a comprehensive list of everything I listen to, mostly just a list of the ones I listen to *first*.
  1. #SorryNotSorry with Jenna Kim Jones
    Jenna Kim Jones is a Mormon comedian. She and her husband #Al discuss life, snacks, and movies from the 90s.
  2. Mystery Show
    I check Mystery Show's Twitter account at least once a week to see when this is coming back. The episode about Jake Gyllenhal may be the best thing ever.
  3. Pop Culture Happy Hour
    Always goes to the top of my pile. Discussions on pop culture by really likable people who like things.
  4. 99% Invisible
    So fascinating that I will sometimes realize I didn't pay enough attention to an episode and immediately relisten.
  5. Books on the Nightstand
    I've gotten many a book recommendation from this show.
  6. Burnt Toast
    I'll never spend 5 hours making a meatloaf, but I'm fascinated by people who do.
  7. Candyology 101
    Candy is my drug of choice. I often have to stop by the store after an episode to stock up.
  8. Criminal
    The first episode about the owl will be forever etched in my mind.
  9. Good Job, Brain!
    Nerds. Trivia. Occasional Harry Potter references.
  10. How to Do Everything
    I now know how to do everything.
  11. Judge John Hodgman
    People who spend their time turning silly squabbles into fake Internet court cases.
  12. Kermode and Mayo's Film Reviews
    British guys arguing and reviewing movies.
  13. The Memory Palace
  14. We Got This with Mark and Hal
    I'm always in for heated debates on silly subjects.