1. The 7th Flavia de Luce book
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    One of my favorite characters in literature.
  2. Roald Dahl
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    I (re)read almost all of his books this year. I love him. I also highly recommend his two autobiographies. He led a fascinating life.
  3. The Rent Collector
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    I reluctantly read this for book club and loved it. An amazing story of overcoming dire circumstances and the power of reading!
  4. Maisie Dobbs
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    Strong lady detective in the 1920s. Reminded me of my love for mysteries and England. I'm now on book five in the series.
  5. The Blue Castle
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    Why are people wasting their time with Anne of Green Gables when this book exists? Kidding, I love Anne, but this book won my heart. Please read it now. I plan to gift it to everyone I have ever known.
  6. Persepolis
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    My first graphic novel. A powerful story that I didn't know much about. It was the perfect format for a tragic story.
  7. Liar & Spy + First Light + Goodbye Stranger
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    I'm in love with Rebecca Stead's children and YA novels. Unpredictable and lovely.
  8. The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto
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    I will immediately buy anything by Mitch Albom. He once called me "tall". It's just a statement of fact, but I hold it dear.
  9. We Should All be Feminists
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    A great TED talk. Really fascinating points that really made me think. Should be read by everyone.