My Favorite Salt Lake City Eats

SLC is such a great place to eat. And I haven't even eaten everywhere. Yet. This list also made me realize I may have a thing for fries.
  1. The Park Cafe
    The French Toast Foolishness blows my mind every time. How do they make bacon so good? And French toast?? Even their butter is amazing!
  2. Penny Ann's Cafe
    Pancakes. Giant pancakes. Once I went there on my birthday and it was closed so the owner gave me an entire pie.
  3. Blue Plate Diner
    I hate hollandaise sauce. I crave The Benedict omelette (smothered in hollandaise) almost daily. Plus they have fun Italian sodas.
  4. Rye
    I've only been once but their truffle fries and truffle Mac and cheese are (as my mom would say) "to die for".
  5. Dim Sum House
    An amazing dim sum menu as well as more American-Chinese fare. Get the scallion pancake if you love delicious things.
  6. Crown Burger
    Pastrami burger. Fry sauce. Plan for your hair to smell like Crown Burger for 48-hours.
  7. Rich's Burgers 'n Grub
    Every burger I've had here was amazing. And the owner once gave me a cookie when I said I liked his place. Some of my restaurant-love is apparently based on which owners gave me desserts.
  8. Siegfried's Deli
    German food and candy. Goulash and spaetzle are my jam.
  9. Ruth's Diner
    Inside a revamped Trolley Car. Always crazy busy.
  10. Hub and Spoke
    They have French toast made out of a pound cake! And their Navajo taco is super.
  11. Bruges
    Waffles & frites. Try the fries with the andalouse sauce.
  12. Maxwells
    Pizza so good. The atmosphere is fun and they often have live music. A very cute guitarist serenaded us on my first trip there.
  13. Este Pizza
    More great pizza.
  14. Spitz
    Killer kebabs and great fries (anyone sensing a theme here?).
  15. Lucky 13
    This time it's the garlic fries. Don't eat them before a date or being around people you want to impress. Also great burgers.
  16. Cafe Rio
    I wasn't going to mention it because it's more chain-y than the rest, but I am a white girl and white girls love Cafe Rio Pork Salad.
  17. Tosh's Ramen
    Almost forgot one of my favorites. Amazing ramen that makes me want to watch a snowstorm and eat delicious soup.
  18. The Pie Pizzeria
    Greasy, cheesy, goodness. If you really want to feel like you're on the edge of a heart attack, get the meat lovers' pizza, or as I call it, the "Man Pizza".
  19. Gourmandaise Bakery
    Eat all of the pastries. I once had creme brûlée oatmeal for breakfast and I'll never be the same.
  20. Eva's bakery
    Croque Monsieur. Crusty bread. Pastries. Legit French bakery. Also a restaurant but I have yet to try that.
  21. Dolcetti Gelato
    Delicious delicious gelato. Their coconut sticky rice flavor is my favorite even though it makes me itchy after (I am occasionally allergic to fruit).