Inspired by @Peace_Out_List
  1. Salt Lake City | 2 weeks
    I was made in Japan but my parents came to Utah on vacation (on purpose) and I was born in SLC. My mom did not want to have a baby in a Japanese hospital.
  2. Japan | 1 year
    I'm sure it was lovely.
  3. England | 4 years
    Don't ask me where because all I remember is playing with my friends and wetting my pants. And getting an accent.
  4. Sugarhouse, Utah | 1 year
    So my dad could finish his masters degree. I was Ariel for Halloween.
  5. England | 4 years
    I was devastated to leave. And now all I want in life is to go back and see where I grew up.
  6. Kitzingen, Germany | 1 year
    My favorite year of school. Ms. Atamaniuk always put her last name on the spelling test and now I'll never forget.
  7. Smithfield, Utah | 8 years
    I finally got rid of the Mickey Mouse glasses.
  8. Jackson Hole, Wyoming | 4 months
    Where I worked as a teamster on a dude ranch. Weird time.
  9. Smithfield, Utah | 8 months
  10. Jackson Hole, Wyoming | 3 months
    Weirder time.
  11. Smithfield, Utah | 1.5 years
  12. Logan, Utah | 4 months
  13. Austin, Texas | 3 months
    An internship at IBM. I fell in love with Texas and had the best summer of my life.
  14. Smithfield, Utah | 5 months
  15. Logan, Utah | 1 year
  16. Salt Lake City, Utah | 6 years
    There's a good chance this math doesn't all add up.