To be checked back on in September.
  1. Drive-In Movie
    My attempts always fail because it's too busy or I'm too lazy.
  2. Float in a Lake
    ✅ And hopefully some more.
  3. Eat an obscene amount of snowcones
    I've only had two so far and that is criminal. No check mark!
  4. Celebrate my birthday
    It's gonna be a party. But mostly just attending a play with my family. Please pray they don't make the cast sing to me or something.
  5. Go actual camping
    ❌ Not failed camping. Camping Trip Failure
  6. Farmers Market
    ✅ My favorite activity.
  7. Parade
    As in attend one.
  8. Eat s'mores
    ✅✅ but s'more couldn't hurt. See what I did there?
  9. See a firefly
    Seems unlikely since I live in Utah. This is also on my life bucket list.
  10. Buy a real lawn mower
    ✅ This one just wasn't cutting it anymore. See what I did there?
  11. Read in my hammock
    Why haven't I done this? It's just sitting there.
  12. Hike
    ✅✅✅ but if it's over 85, I don't like going outside, so...
  13. Have a barbecue
    And overcome my crippling fear of hosting things at my house.
  14. Pick raspberries from my raspberry bushes
    ✅ The best part of every morning.
  15. Stargaze
    Must leave the city for this.
  16. Watch a movie in the backyard on my projector
    ✅ Accomplished on the night of failed camping. To be accomplished even more.
  17. Paddle board
    My parents just bought their third, so this should be solved soon.
  18. See the BFG
    ✅ With my adorable niece and nephew who kept commenting and narrating in full voice.
  19. Go to a baseball game
    I don't think the one I went to counts since it was spring and we were freezing.
  20. Movie in the park
    ✅ Currently happening but I'm listing to keep myself awake. No offense, Star Wars.