1. Awwwww Robin Williams
  2. It's too bad bagpipes sound so bad when they start
  3. Josh Charles? As in Will from Good Wife?!
  4. Young Will is a bit of a dweeb.
  5. Awwwww Robin Williams.
  6. I'd be the kid that stayed back. I like sleep too much to go to secret nighttime rendezvous.
  7. Reading is the best
  8. It's so meta when actors talk about how you shouldn't be an actor.
  9. Uhhhh this just got dark. He shot himself?!
  10. This movie is the worst.
  11. If I wasn't distracted right now, I'd probably be crying.
  12. Parents are the worst.
  13. I'd be the person who fell off the desk and ruined the moment.
  14. Oh captain, my captain.
  15. Awwww Robin Williams.