1. The old lady I know but avoid
    She reeeeeeally wants me to try out the tanning beds.
  2. The old lady who works out in pearls
    Actually the same old lady, but she has two defining characteristics.
  3. All the old people in business casual clothes
    All the old people at my gym work out in full business casual attire. Do they not know about workout clothes? Should I tell them? It can't be good for you or your clothes to sweat through your blazer and chinos like that every day.
  4. The guy in the super low cut tank top with the bad body
    No disrespect to bad bodies. I'm right there with you. In fact, kudos to you for having a confidence level way above what you should. You keep strutting your stuff, young man.
  5. The guy in the hoodie with the hood up
    Always doing weights. Often in the summer. No explanation.
  6. The girl who obviously works out but I've never seen working out
    She's tiny and ripped, but all I've ever seen her do is flirt with the trainers and walk from treadmill to weight machine talking with hot men. Maybe she lives there?
  7. The intense girl who I'm kind of scared of
    But I also want to be friends with her? We're on the same workout schedule and I'm in awe of her beastness - there's no other word I can think of to describe her.
  8. The grunters
    My phone tried to change that to both "grifters" and "grinders"
  9. The person who has fallen off the treadmill twice
    Well maybe that's just me...
  10. The crazy runner
    He is my favorite person at the gym. He has a giant blonde fro that he lets flow free and wafts hair smells all around (not my favorite). His speciality is jump-running, although he also excels at running sideways, backwards, and making yelling noises as he goes. He is a real gym treat.