1. Maggie Smith!!
    She's just the greatest. And she seems to have a lot of fun in this role. And it's awesome that she's carrying this movie because she CAN. (And I love that James Corden is on the poster, but in the movie for all of 15 seconds.)
  2. Speaking of Harry Potter cameos...
    Madame Maxime! One of the best parts of British films is seeing all of the millions of actors that were in HP.
  3. England is the prettiest.
    And the street where it takes place is totes lovely.
  4. It's an interesting look at mental illness.
    How it's viewed by individuals, towns, and governments. And it's done in a light manner while still giving gravity to the situation.
  5. It's an interesting look inside the mind of a writer.
    Alan Bennett both sees the woman as a writing opportunity and a burden. I love that he's split into two: the writer and the liver. I think we all feel like that at times.
  6. I love yellow...
    And Maggie Smith.