1. That I won't lock the gym dressing room door and someone will walk in at the worst time.
  2. That I will stick my hand in the sink disposal while it's on.
  3. That I will cry at work.
    Has happened. Will happen again.
  4. That I will fall off the treadmill.
    Has happened (twice). Will happen again.
  5. That I will eat an apricot with a worm in it.
    Has happened, etc.
  6. That the tree next door will fall on my house/bedroom.
  7. That I'll have to marry someone I don't really like.
    Probably not just a small fear. Also, I'm not sure why this would happen? It's not like I'm going to get into an arranged marriage.
  8. That my throat will get cut.
    I feel very weird about having my throat exposed.
  9. That I'll accidentally text the wrong person.