Take a Walk With ME (to the Library! in a Snowstorm!)

  1. Last weekend I was jealous of the East Coast snowstorm.
    Especially since I love the name Jonas. Waking up to a snowstorm of our own was the best.
  2. I may have over-prepared a bit.
    I kept smiling at people as they drove by and it took awhile to realize they couldn't see my mouth. Hopefully they saw my smize.
  3. First I decided to be responsible and shovel the driveway.
    Even though there was a good chance I'd cancel the walk after this.
  4. I dug out a surprise!
    A spam newspaper that I just recycled. But it was still a fun surprise.
  5. I walked past my "second house".
    I will buy it someday and put a library in the turret.
  6. Snow-covered trees are just the best.
  7. I made it to the library!
    And returned a book I really loved.
  8. And picked up a movie I have no idea if I will like.
  9. And looked at more pretty trees.
  10. And admired pretty colorful doors.
    Confession: this one is mine.
  11. And then ate a fancy lunch.
  12. And will probably not leave the house again for the rest of the day.
    Snow!! ❄️❄️❄️🌨