I don't feel like there's anything exciting in my schedule for 2016, so this is my list to get excited.
  1. Season tickets to the theater
    I rediscovered my love for live theater last year. I'm excited to see some plays I've never seen and one of my favorites (Peter and the Starcatchers).
  2. Reading
    I'm just always excited for reading.
  3. Turning 30
    I'm looking forward to this, right? I'm hoping that writing that I am will help.
  4. Big trip
    To...somewhere. I'm turning 30 and I refuse to be in town/state/country for it!
  5. Hitting one of my big goals
    A goal that I made in October and I'm halfway there. I can do it!
  6. Easter
    I just really like Easter.
  7. Swimming
    Again, nothing specific. I just like swimming.
  8. Turns out this is mostly just a list of things I like and will probably do.