After one episode I figured I had a pretty good taste of the show. These are the predictions I gave @minds. I should have been a fortune teller.
  1. Someone's parent will sleep with someone else's parent
    ✅ I mean...this was a pretty low-ball guess. Especially after meeting Julie Cooper.
  2. Someone's parent will sleep with a teenager
    ✅ Again...Julie Cooper
  3. All of the teenagers will sleep with each other
    ✅ I mean I have seen a TV show before. Although there was less partner swapping than I expected.
  4. Someone will go to rehab
    ✅ I was at least surprised by who it was.
  5. At least 2 people will go to jail
    ✅ Pretty well surpassed. On the positive side, lots of people also got out of jail.
  6. Someone will get pregnant
    ✅ Again surprised by who this was. I was kind of hoping for a Seth/Summer baby. TV makes me forget that I shouldn't get excited for 18-year olds to become parents.
  7. A boat will explode
    ❌ I should have gone with a building burning down, an earthquake, or at least several car crashes.