I turn 30 on Friday. I've used the phrase, "I'm still in my 20s..." as much as possible this week.
  1. Zit-Free
    Why did no one warn me about adult acne? Teenagers need to be warned that it might never go away, but at least it makes people think you're younger than you are.
  2. Married
    I live in a culture/state where we get married young. I remember feeling bad for women who weren't married by 22. How sad for them!
  3. Like "old" married
    I expected by 30 to be one of those annoying women who give everyone else advice on marriage and motherhood because I was an expert by now.
  4. A mom
    I've always wanted to have kids. Now I'm not so convinced. I'd be an old mom if it ever did happen and I value my sleep too much.
  5. Done having kids
    These eggs are drying up real fast.
  6. Not a college graduate
    Every woman in my family dropped out of college to get married. I had to change my attitude (and major) 3 years in when I started to realize I wasn't just there to get hitched.
  7. Unemployed (by choice)
    Stay at home mom was the role for me. My husband would make plenty of money and we'd be a little poor, but we'd survive on love.
  8. Not afraid of birthdays
    I never understood older people who dreaded their birthdays. Birthdays are fun! It's all about me! Now I get it. Getting older is super scary.
  9. Super old
    Ugh. 30? That's practically dead.