Things I've Mailed

Inspired by @margot You can mail (almost) anything that is 13 ounces or less.
  1. For my friend's 30th birthday I mailed her a series of presents. One a day for a week.
  2. Day 1: Soda bottle filled with Easter grass and candles.
    Love the George decoration.
  3. Day 2: A Mix CD.
    Brought to you by polar bears.
  4. Day 3: A single chapstick.
  5. Day 4: A roll of streamers.
  6. Day 5: A Frisbee.
    Her doorman started getting concerned for her safety. "Why would someone pay more to send something than it cost?"
  7. Day 6: A box of Sour Patch Kids.
    Purchased for $1. Mailed for $2.
  8. Day 7: An Easter Egg filled with candy (and very well taped).
    I also mailed one to several family members. My dad was convinced it was a conspiracy or an elaborate prank.
  9. I was very nervous about how actual postal workers would react to this week of oddly shaped packages, so I went to different drop boxes each time and never went inside.
  10. Thanks, USPS.