1. The gym
    I find it highly unlikely that *every* man on Tinder loves working out and/or is a "gym rat".
  2. Tank tops
    Just so many tank tops.
  3. Guns
    I at least appreciate that this shows you have a hobby other than going to the gym, but guns don't actually make you cooler. Also, I hate guns.
  4. Pictures of them with other girls
    I fundamentally do not understand this. Are you trying to show that other girls like you? That you've had girlfriends before? That you have a lot of super hot friends that are girls and will probably tear me apart if we started dating?
  5. Hiking
    Again, every man loves hiking. I like it okay too, but percentage-wise I wonder how valid this could be. And what is their definition of "hiking"?
  6. 🔶 What we actually like: 🔶
  7. A bio that sounds realistic and honest and won't turn out to be all exaggerations when (if) we meet.
  8. You showing you have a sense of humor and maybe even intelligence!
  9. You posing with baby animals.